How to get the FREE SHIPPING policy?

Some customers ask why I do not have te opportunity to get free shipping? Let me answer this question.

First, the purchase order must meet or exceed $ 30.

Second, there will be a free shipping option on the Checkout page.

Third, choose the option of free shipping, so the postage will be excluded from the total amount you pay.

Finally, you've got a free shipping opportunity.



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Find Your Pandora Rings Size

Lily ask me that she doesn't know how to choose a Pandora ring size of herself, today I write this blog for all of you that you can help yourself to buy a nice Pandora ring and suite for your finger.

First: Print out this page on A4 and place one of your rings against the circle. 
When the circle and the internal ring diameter match, you have found your correct ring size.


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Good Bargain Of Pandora 2017 The Most Worth To Buy 100 Product: 3-4

1. MAGNOLIA BLOOM Ring and Earring Jewellery set:

PANDORA Magnolia Bloom Ring so beautiful pretty petals in a delicately layered arrangement bloom atop this striking sterling silver ring. Created by stacking, it will add a beautiful flourishing touch with its shaded white and pink hues. PANDORA Magnolia Bloom Ring in sterling silver with 1 bead-set pink cubic zirconia, 8 bead-set clear cubic zirconia, shaded transparent pale cerise, white and transparent enamel. 
PANDORA Magnolia Bloom Stud Earrings, Pale Cerise Enamel & Pink CZ, Delicately crafted and filled with the fl..

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Why We Love Pandora?

In Greek mythology, Pandora is a beautiful woman created by Zeus in retaliation for Prometheus, and in order that she can easily seduce the mortals, the gods give her all the talent as a woman. In ancient Greek, Pandora is "all-gifted", with all the meaning of talent. The moral of Pandora is that people who own her..

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Good Bargain To Buy The Most Worth 100 Pandora: 1-2

Good bargain product of Pandora the most worth 100 Pandora charms to buy 1-2:

PANDORA Happy Birthday Cake, Enamel & CZ Charm

Let’s light the candles and celebrate this special day of your life. Happy birthday. This sweet sterling silver charm is the perfect PANDORA birthday cake. Showcasing a delicious cake design with pink frosting and the words 'Happy Birthday' engraved, it is a mouth-watering treat for any jewelry lover. Both pink and white enamel, and clear cubic zirconia gemstones.

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Bargain! PANDORA rings buy 2 get 1 free. Full of hands are not bankrupt

PANDORA rings buy 2 get 1 free fashion promotions this season.

Speaking of PANDORA, usually think of the pattern of more than a lot of straps and string ornaments, tingling pound hanging in the hand refining, the more look more proud, in fact, PANDORA there are much surprising jewelry, such as very cute Earrings, or a variety of rings, and now the ring series to buy two get one, really feel is a good time to start.

PANDORA to create a ring in sterling silver or 14K gold, with the shining of different colors of zircon, with enamel-made color, rich w..

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Good Pandora Mother's Day Charm For mum

Mother's Day gift:

I believe we all know what day is that day. Yes, that is the annual Mother's Day, the second Sunday of May is the holiday of our dearest mother, what should we say about a grateful holiday, a Mother's Day gift, O..

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Where is the Mother’s Day the earliest originated?

Where is the Mother’s Day the earliest originated?

There are historians called Mother's Day may be the earliest originated in ancient Greece, this is a kind of idolatry activities. People celebrate the festival of the goddess Liya, ..

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Where is the origin of Mother's Day?

Where is the origin of Mother's Day?

Mother's Day originated in the United States. May 9, 1906, Philadelphia, Anna Jarvis's mother died, she was very sad. In the next year the mother died anniversary of the date, Miss Anna organized..

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A Good Mother's Day Gift for mum

Mother's Day is coming soon, buy a good Pandora Mother's Day Charm to be a  gift for mum, she must be happy.

May, should be the summer it In such a warm season, sometimes easy to people in the heart of a little satisfaction, quietly. It is difficult to say what is a thing, a person, what kind of mood.

No matter which month, there will be flowers in the eyes. Probably because there are too many people like to spend, so give a variety of flowers different flower language. And for me, it always plays the role of disappointing those beautiful florid. In addition to knowing that roses on behalf of lov..

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Mother 's Day Poetry: Ah Mother

Ah, mother,

In order to keep you gradually fade away the figure,

Although the dawn of the dream has been cut into smoke,

I still can not open my eyes for a long time.

I still treasure the bright red scarf,

For fear that the wash will make it

Lose your unique warmth.

Ah, mother,

Years of water is not the same ruthless?

For fear of memory is also faded ah,

How can I easily open it?

For a thorn, I had to cry to you,

Now wearing a crown, I dare not,

I did not dar..

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Pandora Mother's Day Charms Gift Recommend

Pandora Mother's Day Charms Gift Recommend

Under heaven the most ordinary are the mother, the greatest is the mother.

We are the mother of the most precious people, so the mother is always in love with us, do not let us be hurt ... ... the love of the mother we can do is only quietly grateful to the mother. Because in our victory behind, in fact, with the mother quietly dedicated.

Never had a text to write the mother. Some of the articles written out are short, but they can express the author's love for the mother, and the mother's love is li..

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Beautiful Mother's Day Pandora Charm Gift

Pandora Charm is a good choice to Mum a good gift.

Send a sweet message of love to your mother with this adorable hand-finished charm in sterling silver by PANDORA. The pretty heart shape, decorated with intricate hearts and a sentimental message, makes it a keepsake to treasure.

Mother is everyone in this world the closest person! Mother not only give us life but also carefully raised us, has been met with us in every possible way. The intimacy between us is impossible to express in words!

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The best choice of Christmas Gift here

Christmas Kitten Charm is made of silver as well as enamel. Such Pandora Christmas Kitten Charms is taken a sweet kitten as modeling, which is embellished a festival red cap, playing with a red silk ribbon gift. It is the first choice to send to people who love cats.

This charm can also be one part of bracelet that can be mixed with Santa Claus on the sleigh, Christmas hut and interesting gingerbread man together, which is filled in warm color, creating a unique festival model.


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Christmas shopping trends of 2016 - Pandora Christmas Charms

Starting a Christmas shopping list can be an arduous task, especially if your loved ones are picky when it comes to presents.

A good starting point is finding out what hot ticket items are on the market. Many trends from last year will be back for Christmas 2016 and of course a few new must-have items for the kids.

Sherri Kelsie, marketing director and retail manager for the Halifax Shopping Centre says they are expecting a busy season this winter, with technology and personal luxury items as the top gifts on people’s wish lists.

“I think we are going to have a great holiday season. Our sales have been trending more each month. Technology is definitely big this year.”

She says the Apple Watch Series 2 will be a top choi..

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Find something special this Christmas

Looking for something special this Christmas? Iconic jewellery brand Pandora has a new range of charms, tailored for the festive season.

From quirky snowman charms to detailed pendant engravings, Pandora caters for all tastes and will make this holiday season one to remember.

A special range of Yule-specific charms have been released, and would create perfect additions to any current Pandora collection. Mrs Claus, Rudolph and Christmas stockings all make an appearance in the collection, capturing the spirit of the season.


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